Wood moldings: An assortment with noble character.

The core is made of real hardwood material and wrapped with real wood veneer. We are using only the best of the wood which are finger jointed together. By removing weak parts of the wood blemishes, knots and cracks the core is stronger than the average milled piece of trim. Our engineered moldings are guaranteed to have less bowing. By using veneer we use less of valuable resource, saving many trees for future generations. We have 60 species in stock, ensuring a species to species match on your order. These veneers are produced from sustainable and certified forests. We produce these in fixed lengths which is ideal for shipping and stocking. Last but not least the high end catalyzed lacquer finish guarantees wear resistance. The fact that we do belief in our product is backed by our LIMITED WARRANTY.

01 support material

Finger-joint oak core
Ensures no warping and guarantees the highest stability
No imperfections like blemishes, splits and cracks
Delivered at a fixed length

02 adhesive

Hot-melt adhesive with an excellent bonding
Guaranteed to be free of formaldehydes and solvents
Environmentally friendly agents


More than 60 wood species from sustainable
  and certified forests available, using veneer of rare
  wood uses less of these valuable trees
  with the same durability
Free and clear of blemishes


Environmental friendly water based and UV
  varnishes and a wide variety of stains
Free of formaldehydes and solvents
Resistant to scratches and abrasion
Resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals

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