One source, everything you need to compliment your floors.

We offer a complete range of profiles for every floor: Wood, cork, laminate, aluminum and LVT. The position of being innovative means that the current market is not the limit. Innovative means that we are always looking forward to the next new material, the next new profile. Can’t find what you need? Our team of research and development, all stars here to help you find the solution to your project. We take flexibility seriously. Our team of professionals will work with you with a quick turnaround on custom requests Why not let us show you how easy we can make the world of moldings work for you.

What do we do with the waste?

All waste from our wood products are pelletized and sent to state of the art energy plants producing heat and electricity for our country. The whole tree is used. We only use trees from certified or sustainable forests. PEDROSS believes in caring for the environment for future generations to come.