Laminate moldings: Beauty and strength.

Cost-effective, practical and extremely versatile – that’s how building owners and flooring experts know our laminate moldings. When taking a closer look, these seemingly discreet products reveal unexpected qualities:
The support material is fiberboard. We are using medium and high density fiberboard to guarantee max stability and durability. Despite being one of the newest, it is already one of the most commonly used wood-based panels worldwide. This is largely because it provides mechanical, technological and physical properties that are comparable to those of solid wood, but is manufactured with extremely efficient use of resources.

01 support material

Our laminate moldings are based MDF/HDF fiberboards in
accordance with the standard E1 and EN120.

02 adhesive

• Hot-melt adhesive with excellent bonding
• Guaranteed free of formaldehyde and solvents
• Fully eco-friendly


• Large selection of high-quality laminate décor
  foils, with the right match for any laminate floor
• Highly resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals


• Scratch resistance and light resistant
• Abrasion characteristics AC3 and AC5
• Resistant to cleaning detergents and chemicals
• Resistant to short term exposure to moisture

Enlarge picture to get dimensions of each profile