Cork: Material of ages.

Cork, the “old reliable” that neither ages nor deteriorates through oxidation or exposure to the elements, has become the new and trusted material for architects, builders, and decorators who must have the assurance of specifying the very best material to do the job. Additional properties to include: Water repellant, very elastic, antistatic, poorly flammable and both sound and heat insulating. Additionally it offers no habitant for dust mites and is a top choice for allergy sufferers. We offer cork floor accessories in many cork types, flooring options and different finishes.

01 support material

Finger-joint oak core
• Ensures no warping and guarantees the highest stability
• No imperfections like blemishes, splits and cracks
• Delivered at a fixed length

02 adhesive

• Hot-melt adhesive with an excellent bonding
• Guaranteed to be free of formaldehydes and solvents
• Environmentally friendly agents


• Prime quality cork
• Environmental friendly


• Eco-friendly water based and UV varnishes in
  many different stains.
• Free of formaldehydes and solvents
• Resistant to scratches and abrasion
• Resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals

Our Cork Patterns.

The changes and diversity in color and structure
are a natural characteristic of cork. They prove
the genuineness of this natural product. Every
image is an indication and not an exact color